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Corrugated fiberboard is combination of two or more plies of paper plies of paper to form a stronger structure with the help of suitable adhesive in which at least one of the ply of paper is in the corrugated from.
Corrugated board offers almost unlimited possible combination of board types, flute sizes, paper weights, adhesive types, routinely; coustom designed to meet specific customer requirements.
Corrugated Board is made from papers made up from cellulose fibres, which are virgin or recycled. This makes corrugated a renewable natural resources.
These three layers of paper are assembled in a way which gives the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer.

We are supplying all types of corrugating sheets & boxes to various customers. The world class boxes which are manufactured by our mills at the printing & packaging division plant(Fully automatic with world class facilities) situated near Mysore, Karnataka, are superior due to the following reasons :

    • Good  Process Ability
    • Tailor Made Space. Save The Cost
    • Better Cushioning Properties
    • High compression strength
    • Accurate Creasing & Folding.
    • Online Halftone High Graphic Printing.
    • Advanced Gluing Technology
    • Recyclable  & Environment Friendly


One Corrugating Medium One Liner

  • Not Used For Making Box
  • Used As Pads, Partitions, Articles, Before Being Packed In Container


Single Wall : 2 - Ply   CFB
Double Face  Double Lined        

One Corrugating Medium (Ply) Between Two Liner

  • By Virtue Of It Of  Its Structure It Has Strength And Rigidity
  • It is Used For Making Boxes

2 – Ply Board /  Single Face

  • Used for wrapping the Tin containers of 2 liters.
  • It will protect the surface of the tin from scratches.
  • Used for wrapping of delicate products like glass tubes
  • Used for paking of electric bulbs
  • Used for lining  metal / plywood / wooden containers
  • Used in decorative / gift / diplay packs


3 – Ply Board / Double Face

  • Used as liner
  • Used as top / bottom sheet / separators inside multi- unit  container
  • Used as cushioning material for  fragile / delicate products  and also for electronic items

Double Wall  : 5 – Ply CFB
Cushion  . Double Wall

Two Layers Of Corrugating And Twin Three Liners

  • Higher Strength And Cushioning Property

Triple Wall :  7 - Ply CFB

Three Layers Of Corrugations And Four Layers Of Liners

  • Exceptional Rigidity High Puncture Resistance

5 – Ply Board

7 – Ply Board

Box Styles

Box Styles / Patterns Are The Various Designs Of The Boxes Aimed To Provide Specific Functional / Structural Requirement Depending Upon The Product Characteristics, Handling And Distribution Methods & Environment.


Classification  Based  On Styles

  • Slotted Boxes
  • Telescopic Boxes
  • Folder Boxes
  • Sliding Boxes
  • Interior Fitments /  Supports

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

  • All Flaps With Same Depth/Height
  • Only Outer Flaps Center Meeting
  • Minimum Waste
  • Thus Highly Efficiently  Design
  • But Requires A Gap Plate
  • Covers Wide Range Of Products

RSC Type  Box

Half RSC Type

Full  Overlap Slotted Type  (FOL)

  • All Flaps With Same Depth / Height
  • Depth Of All Flaps = Width Of Box
  • Outer Flaps Overlap Each Other Completely In Closed Conditions
  • Efficient In Rough Handling
  • More Stable Bottom Surface
  • Used For Selected Products

Overlap Type  Box


Centre Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

  • Depth Of Inner & Outer Flaps Different
  • Depth (Outer Flap) = ½ * Width (Box)
  • Depth (Inner Flap) = 1/2 * Length (Box)
  • Both Flaps Center Meeting
  • No Need To Provide Gap Plates
  • Thus Gives Stronger Box Than Other Styles
  • Little More Wastage Than Above Styles

RSC With Inbuilt Partitions

Lock Bottom Type Box
Telescopic Type
Normally Mulitple Piece Box With Separate Top & Bottom And The Top Overlaps The Bottom At Least 2/3
Full  Telescopic

  • Two Piece Box
  • Has Minimum Waste
  • Cover Slides Completely Over The (Body ) = Ht (Cover)
  • Provides Double Compressive Resistance
  • Suitable For Fragile Items / Stationary
Half  Telescopic  Type

Full Telescopic / Lid & Trya Type

A Double Cover Box
Half Slotted Box With Cover
Full Telescope Half Slotted Box

Self Locking Tray

  • Formed By Single Corrugated Fiberboard Sheet With Multiple End Panels

Recent Development
Mixed Flute Board

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